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Stephen Crowe in his studio

Stephen Crowe is an English composer of operas and experimental music. He was born in Bolton, but grew up in Nottingham. Crowe studied Fine Art at John Moores University, Liverpool, and Composition at Goldsmiths College, University of London. His music uses standard scores, graphic notation, indeterminacy and controlled improvisation.

His work has been performed internationally in Berlin, Bern, Budapest, Dublin, Geneva, New York, Novi Sad, Zofingen and Zurich. Notable London performances have been at Camden Arts Centre, Courtauld Gallery, Kings Place, The National Portrait Gallery, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Riverside Studios, Tate Britain and The Vortex.

His stage work The Francis Bacon Opera won the Hilton Edwards Award in May 2013 after performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, James Joyce Centre and The Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin.

Since his work is often performed in galleries as well as concert halls, Crowe's output has been noted by critics in both art and classical music fields, including Exeunt Magazine,[1] This is Tomorrow,[2] What's On Stage[3] and Opera Magazine.[4] The Independent newspaper described his work as "The future of new opera".[5]

He is a guitarist, and performs free improvisation on an irregular basis in Berlin.

In 2013 he formed 'StreisBAND' a hardcore Barbra Streisand covers band, which received warm praise from Henry Rollins.


  • Pterodactyls of Ptexas (2017) Libretto by Crowe
  • The Francis Bacon Opera (2011–12) Libretto by Lord Melvyn Bragg and Francis Bacon
  • Wretched Bliss (2010) Libretto by Crowe
  • Just Bloody Schmooze the Woman (2010) Libretto by Crowe
  • The Singing Bone (2009) Libretto by Crowe, based on Grimm Brothers’ Tale
  • Domestic (2004) Libretto by Crowe
  • A Zillion Miles Below Planet Earth (2003) Libretto by Crowe
  • Das Fishgold (2001) Libretto by Crowe/Virdi

Orchestral/Ensemble/Instrumental (selected)[edit]

  • Ey Up Me Duck (2017) Thing for piano and electronics- Commissioned by Joseph Houston
  • Neon Lizard (2015) Concerto for violin and electronics- Written for Noëlle-Anne Darbellay. Commissioned by Francisco Sierra
  • Toblerone for a nob (2015) Suite of piano solos
  • Whisky in one hand, biscuit in the same (2014) Suite of guitar solos
  • Eat Thy Snap (2014) Sonata for young dog
  • Who's Up for a Cadenza? (2014) Concerto for baritone sax- written for Simon Rose
  • Kilgore's Siamese Tweezers (2014) Duet for solo trumpet- written for Nathan Plante
  • Look At The Pour On THAT (2014) Clarinet Concerto- written for Tom Jackson
  • Shirtless Buff Swan (2014) Viola Concerto
  • Medieval Photocopier (2014) Brass Quintet- Commissioned by Ensemble Apparat
  • Dial 9, Merlin (2014) Violin and French horn
  • The Dorty Letters of James Joyce (2014) Song-cycle for tenor and ensemble. Written for Oliver Brignall
  • Erection (2014) Double Bass & electronics- Written for Aleksander Gabryś, dedicated to Eddie Van Halen
  • Boeuf Day (2013) Solo Violin- Written for Noëlle-Anne Darbellay. Commissioned by Francisco Sierra
  • Beefing Up The Back Catalogue (2013) Clarinet and Guitar
  • Stelectronic (2013) Electronic Suite
  • Toffee Cock (2013) Solo Viola- Commissioned by Benedict Taylor
  • Granny Groat (2012) Chamber Group- Commissioned by London Sinfonietta
  • Cranny Apple Stick & Sorbet Day (2012) Electronics- Commissioned by London Sinfonietta
  • Master of Boulez' Domaines (2012) Electronically Manipulated Clarinet
  • Lancashire Hotpot (2012) Orchestra & Chorus- Commissioned by Rugby School
  • Crazy Bitch Fantastic (2012) Non-Violinist & Horn- Commissioned by Samuel Stoll & Noelle-Anne Darbellay
  • Mel Gibson Vs Fender (2012) Saxophone Solo- Written for Nonclassical
  • Putting the Ham into Lewis (2012) Flute & Voice- Commissioned by Candida Powell-Williams
  • BIG HONK / MEDIUM HONK (2012) Saxophone & Voice
  • Red Beard (2012) Cello, Viola, Recorder, Saxophone & Soprano
  • Fuck Bunnies (2011) Sax & Soprano- Commissioned by Candida Powell-Williams
  • Scream I Love That Girl (2011) Violin & Horn- Commissioned by Samuel Stoll & Noelle-Anne Darbellay
  • Tenvelopes (Originally written in 2011 but recomposed for subsequent performances) Horn & Electronics- Commissioned by Samuel Stoll
  • One Long Debauch (2010) Orchestra & Chorus
  • Fuck This Arseholing Typewriter (2009) String Quartet- Written for the Arditti Quartet
  • Bullfinch, Rook, Yellowhammer, Jay (2009) Two Flutes
  • Prehistoric Garden Birds (2008) Two Recorders
  • One I Wrote in Cornwall (2008) Piano
  • One I Didn't Write in Cornwall (2008) Piano
  • Ten (or so) Nocturnes (2007) Piano/Electronics
  • Giant Rat of Sumatra (2006) Electronics

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