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Stephen Gregory is a Welsh author of horror fiction. He was born in Derby, England[1] in 1952.[2] He has a degree in law from the University of London, and has worked as a teacher in various places, including Bangor in Wales, Algiers in Algeria and the Sudan.[3] Gregory lived in Hollywood, California for a time, where he worked as a script writer with William Friedkin at Paramount Pictures.[4]


His works include:

  • The Cormorant, 1986 (reissued in 2013 by Valancourt Books, new introduction by the author)
  • The Woodwitch, 1988 (reissued in 2014 by Valancourt Books, new introduction by Paul Tremblay)
  • The Blood of Angels, 1993 (reissued in 2015 by Valancourt Books, new introduction by Mark Morris)
  • The Perils and Dangers of This Night, 2008
  • The Waking that Kills, 2013
  • Wakening the Crow, 2014
  • Plague of Gulls, 2015

The Cormorant received the 1987 Somerset Maugham Award, and, in 1993, the BBC made it into a film, starring Ralph Fiennes, which won two BAFTA Cymru awards. All three books were published both in the UK and US as well as in foreign translations.[4]


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