Sterling Watson

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Sterling Watson
Occupation Writer and Screenwriter
Subject Fiction

Sterling Watson, M.A., University of Florida, Professor of Literature and Creative Writing, Co-director of Writers in Paradise, and Director of the Writing Workshop at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, is a fiction writer and screenwriter.

His first three novels are Weep No More My Brother, The Calling, and Blind Tongues. Deadly Sweet is the first in his Eddie Priest series of novels. He is a coauthor with Dennis Lehane (Eckerd College '88) of the screenplay Bad Blood. His main professional interests are fiction, playwriting, screenwriting, American, British, and European short and long fiction, and the theater. He served for five years as the fiction editor of The Florida Quarterly, and taught secondary English and later fiction writing at Raiford Prison. He has won four Florida Arts Council Grants for fiction writing.

In January 2007, Watson participated in the Eckerd College's third annual Writers in Paradise writing program which he co-created and co-directs with Dennis Lehane.

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