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Stevan Treleaven Eldred-Grigg is a New Zealand author of nine novels, eight history books and various essays and short stories.


Initially a writer of short stories, the first three non-fiction works published by Eldred-Grigg were A Southern Gentry, a history of landowning families in the southern provinces of New Zealand, A New History of Canterbury, a social history of the province, and Pleasures of the Flesh, a book about sexuality and drugs in colonial New Zealand.[citation needed]

In 1987 he published his first novel, Oracles and Miracles, the story of two sisters growing up in Christchurch before and during World War II.[citation needed] Since then he has written several fiction and non-fiction books. Kaput! focuses on Europe and portrays an ordinary housewife struggling to deal with day-to-day life in wartime Berlin during the period of the Third Reich in Germany. His novel Gardens of Fire (1993, ISBN 0-14-023256-7) is based on research and interviews with survivors of Ballantyne's fire that engulfed Ballantynes department store in central Christchurch in 1947.[citation needed]

Eldred-Grigg was the first living New Zealand writer of literary fiction to have had a novel translated into Chinese when Oracles and Miracles, was published in Shanghai in 2002 under the title ‘剩’贤奇迹.[1]

Eldred-Grigg's three most recent books are Diggers, Hatters & Whores, a history of gold rushes in New Zealand; The Great Wrong War, a history of New Zealand during World War I; and People, People, People (2011, ISBN 978-1-86953-813-2), a very brief history of New Zealand from 1200 to 2000.[2]


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