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Steve "Mr. Escape" Baker (born 1938) is a comedian, magician and is most well known as an escape artist. During his career from 1967 through the early 1990s Baker appeared on Dick Clark's LIVE Wednesday, Games People Play, and was a star on an HBO special along with Tony Curtis and special guest star Dorothy Dietrich, called The World's Greatest Escapes, and several times on That's Incredible!.

Early history[edit]

Steve Baker promotional photo, ca. 1975

Baker's career as "Mr. Escape" began on February 22, 1967 when he presented an upside down hanging strait-jacket escape from the Tribune Tower Building in Oakland, California, United States. Thousands of people attended the escape along with actress Dawn Wells, and a sheriff who was a direct descendant of Wyatt Earp.[1] The escape was documented by the British Pathe Newsreel Organization.[2]


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