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Steve Brennan (c. 1952 – July 2, 2009) was an Irish-born American reporter, journalist and editor of The Hollywood Reporter, a major entertainment industry trade publication.[1]

Brennan's career began far from Hollywood and the entertainment industry. His career began as a reporter for Independent Newspapers, now called Independent News & Media, based in Dublin, Ireland.[1] He initially covered a broad range of the news beats, ranging from entertainment to the violence which plagued Northern Ireland at the time.[1] Brennan received a National Press Award for investigative reporting while at the newspaper.[2] He later became involved primarily in entertainment news both in Ireland and abroad.[2] Brennan began working as a consultant with the Irish government and the Irish film industry concerning the global film and television industries.[2] He consulted while continuing to report for Independent Newspapers.[2]

Brennan became working as the Irish correspondent for The Hollywood Reporter while still living in Ireland.[2] He would ultimately spend more than 20 years at The Hollywood Reporter.[1]

He moved to Los Angeles in 1989 to join the newspaper's main headquarters.[2] Brennan was first hired at The Hollywood Reporter as a freelance reporter.[1] He was later promoted as a full reporter and covered international television and U.S. domestic syndication news.[1] Brennan became the international editor of The Hollywood Reporter during his last years with the publication.[1]

In 2007, Brennan published his book, Emeralds in Tinseltown: The Irish in Hollywood, which he co-published with his wife, Bernadette.[1][2]

Brennan died of cancer on July 2, 2009, at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles at the age of 57.[2] He was survived by his wife, Bernadette O'Neill.[1]


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