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Steve Brown
Born (1976-02-20)February 20, 1976
Jacksonville, Florida
Nationality American
Occupation Yo-yo designer and competition judge
Known for Creating freehand yo-yo play

Steve Brown (born 1976 in Jacksonville, Florida) is an award winning competitive yo-yo player, competition judge, yo-yo designer, and yoyo blogger currently based out of North Olmsted, Ohio. He is currently the editor for and a co-producer of the Triple Crown of YoYo events.[1] In 2001, the National Yo-Yo League named him as one of eight National Yo-Yo masters.[2] He has designed multiple yo-yos, including the "Cherry Bomb" for Team Losi.[3] While employed by Duncan Toys Company as marketing and promotions coordinator,[4] Brown invented and patented freehand yo-yo play where instead of being attached to the finger, the string is actually attached to a counterweight, and designed a line of yo-yos for the new style.[5] He also authored a book called Duncan Yo-Yo Trick Book while employed by the company.[6]

A regular competitor in the 1990s, he has moved out of competing in most venues and has shifted his focus to judging.[7] His skill with yo-yos also landed him a job as a stuntman on the 2001 movie Zoolander,[8] work as a consultant on "The Lone Ranger (2013 film)" [9] where he developed and taught several of the actors the pocket watch trick that features prominently in the film, and led to an appearance on The Best Damn Sports Show Period.[10]

Competitive record[edit]

  • 1996 World Yo-Yo Contest, 4th place
  • 1997 World Yo-Yo Contest - Single A, 4th place
  • 1997 World Yo-Yo Contest - Single A freestyle, 3rd place
  • 1998 World Yo-Yo Contest - Single A freestyle, 4th place
  • 1999 Bay Area Classic Invitational - Freestyle, 1st place
  • 2001 Bay Area Classic Invitational - Freestyle, 1st place (while blindfolded)[11]


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