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Steve Dobrogosz (born 26 January 1956 in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania) is an American composer, songwriter and pianist.

Dobrogosz is the son of Walter Dobrogosz and Donna Bartone[1] and grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina and attended Jesse O. Sanderson High School. He studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and afterwards moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 1978, where he began recording and performing.[2] Dobrogosz continues to reside in Stockholm.

Dobrogosz's over 1000 compositions span several genres, including jazz, pop, and classical. He has written a number of popular choral compositions, including Mass (1992) which has been performed in over 40 countries.

He has collaborated with singers such as Radka Toneff, Jeanette Lindström, Berit Andersson and more recently with Anna Christoffersson[1]. His albums with Christoffersson, It's Always You and Rivertime, were nominated for the Swedish Grammy Award in the jazz album category. His 1982 album with Radka Toneff, Fairy Tales, was named best Norwegian album of all time in a 2012 Norwegian artist poll.[3]

He is married to Swedish flutist Katarina Fritzén. They have three sons, including Jonathan Fritzén, a contemporary jazz pianist and multi-instrumentalist.


  • Songs (1980), with Steve Dobrogosz Trio
  • Fairytales (1982), with Radka Toneff
  • The Child's Gift (1986), with Steve Dobrogosz Vocal Ensemble
  • Pianopieces (1994), solo, duets with Petur Östlund
  • Duckwalk (1996), Steve Dobrogosz Quartet
  • Mass and chamber music (1997), with St. Jacob's Chamber Choir
  • Ebony Moon (1998), solo piano
  • Best of Dobrogosz and Andersson (1999), with Berit Andersson
  • Feathers (2000), with Jeanette Lindstrom
  • Requiem/Te Deum (2004), with St. Jacob's Chamber Choir
  • It's Always You (2006), with Anna Christoffersson
  • When Lilacs Last In The Dooryard Bloom'd (2006), with St. Jacob's Chamber Choir
  • Rivertime (2008), with Anna Christoffersson
  • My Rose (2009), a Shakespeare oratorio
  • Stream (2009), solo piano
  • Poems (2007), with Annika Skoglund
  • Golden Slumbers (2009), Steve Dobrogosz plays Lennon–McCartney
  • Your Songs (2010 ), Steve Dobrogosz plays Elton John
  • Covers (2010), with Anna Christoffersson
  • World (2010), pianos
  • Celebratory Music (2010), for pipe organ, with Andrew Canning
  • Charts (2011), solo piano
  • Christmas Cantata (2012), Linköpings Akademiskakören
  • Candlelight (2013), solo piano
  • The Water of Life (2013), solo piano
  • Forest (2014), solo piano
  • Dreams (2014), solo piano
  • Free Country (2015), solo piano
  • Sequencer (2015), 43 basement tapes
  • Bara (2015), with Chikako Hino
  • The Wild Bird Flies (2016), piano trio
  • Stabat Mater (2016), Hiroshima Chuo Choir, Nozomi Terasawa
  • Silencer (2016), solo piano
  • The B3z (2016), soul/jazz band
  • Anthology (2017), with Berit Andersson
  • Sha-La (2017), Steve Dobrogosz Vocal Ensemble
  • Forgotten Man (2017), rock/blues/country piano
  • Candlelight Two (2017), solo piano
  • The Earth Is Singing (2018), with SYC Ensemble Singers, Jennifer Tham


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