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In November 2008

Steve Faber is a screenwriter best known for his work in the movie Wedding Crashers. Faber is writing and executive producing a film for writer/director James L. Brooks, as well as adapting the screen version of journalist A. J. Liebling's Telephone Booth Indians. Faber is currently[when?] prepping a short film he will write and direct called What's in a Name?. He is also working on an original screenplay entitled The Way We Do. In August 2013, New Line released the Faber-scripted film We're the Millers, with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis. Faber also writes poetry and illustrates said poems. Two of Faber's works will be exhibited in Antwerp, Belgium June 1–7. Faber has a satiric column on The Huffington Post called "Washingwood." Faber also served as Editor: Politics & Culture, Penthouse Magazine. Faber moved into a different genre after writing NOVEL FIFTEEN for The Blumhouse Book of Nightmares: The Haunted City (Blumhouse Books/Random House). He was recently awarded by the WGA for writing Wedding Crashers, named among the 100 best comedic screenplays in cinematic history. Faber currently resides in Los Angeles. Which mildly troubles him.

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