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Steve West (born December 8, 1966 in Charlottesville, VA) replaced original drummer Gary Young in the critically acclaimed indie rock band Pavement. He is a graduate of Trinity High School in Richmond, VA. At Trinity he played drums in Stalingrad with John Smith (singer), Hanby Carter (bass) and Rob Williams (guitar). Stalingrad played at high school dances and small clubs in Richmond Va and vicinity. Stalingrad changed their name to Contoocook Line in 1986 and toured the southeast releasing an album "Oliver's Garden"- Rughead Records in 1987. Contoocook Line relocated to New York in 1990; while in New York West became friends with members of Pavement. West joined Pavement after Contoocook Line disbanded in 1991. Hanby Carter and Rob Williams continue to release material and tour as Joe Buck Jr. West has toured internationally as a drummer. He now sings in the band Marble Valley, which released their fourth album, "Slash & Laugh," on Indikator Rekords in 2008.

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