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Dr Steven Casey
Alma mater University of East Anglia; University of Oxford

Steven Casey is Professor of International History at the London School of Economics. He is an expert on US history and foreign policy during the twentieth century.[1]


Casey received his undergraduate degree from the University of East Anglia in 1994 before moving to Oxford where he completed an MPhil and a D. Phil in International Relations as a Truman Scholar. Between 1998 and 2001, he was a Junior Research Fellow and Tutor in Politics at Trinity College, Oxford. Following Oxford, Casey has lectured at the London School of Economics since 2001.[2]

Casey has published numerous articles and books on the Korean War and World War II as well as contributing on radio and television programmes for political broadcaster C-SPAN. His primary research interests lie in studying US foreign policy since 1933 and the relationship between the US media and military during World War II. He was visiting scholar to the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library, as well as a Fellow of the Australian Prime Ministers Centre in Canberra during 2008.[3]

Select Bibliography[edit]

Casey is the recipient of the Harry S. Truman Book Award and the Neustad Prize for his work on the Korean War.[4]

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