Steven Cay, United States Virgin Islands

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Low-lying Steven Cay in front of St. John, 2010.

Steven Cay (sometimes spelled Steven May or Meeren Cay) is a small scrub-covered and rocky Caribbean island, about 28 feet high and situated 0.5 miles west of Cruz Bay on Saint John in the United States Virgin Islands.[1][2] It is a popular destination for snorkelers and scuba divers,[3] and its waters feature coral reefs and sea fans, mountain corals, star corals, large quantities of angel- and triggerfish,[4] as well as lobsters, nurse sharks and pillar corals.[5]


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Coordinates: 18°19′48″N 64°48′26″W / 18.3300°N 64.8073°W / 18.3300; -64.8073