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Stickfigure Records is an American record label based in Atlanta, Georgia. It was created in the winter of 1992 to cater to the underground scene of independent music.

Stickfigure Releases[edit]

  • Airoes "my zipper got stuck" CD
  • Blame Game "anthology" CD;
  • Blame Game "Honey & Salt" CD
  • The Blessed "again, with hate" 7"
  • Camaro Crotch "triple picture disc discography"
  • Coulier "cool, cooler, coulier!" CD
  • Coulier "call and response" 7"
  • Dawnbreed- Luxus 7"
  • Death Of Marat - All Eyes Open CD
  • Deerhunter Turn It Up Faggot LP/CD
  • Electrosleep International "anthology volume 1" CD
  • eNTERTAINME.nt "safe at one" 7"
  • eNTERTAINME.nt - Gender
  • Feeding Fingers- Wound in Wall
  • Feeding Fingers- Baby Teeth
  • Femme Fatality "One's Not Enough" CD
  • Femme Fatality - Pretty Mess 7'
  • Femme Fatality -"That's It, That's It" CD
  • Graboids - Infinite Delay CD
  • I Would Set Myself on Fire for You s/t CD
  • I Would Set Myself on Fire for You- ...Believes In Patterns CD
  • Me and him call it us "loss"
  • Milemarker - Changing Caring Humans CD
  • Milemarker - Futurisms LP/CD
  • nerdkween Synergy CD
  • One Hand Loves The Other "One Hand Loves The Other" CD
  • One Hand Loves The Other "One Hand Loves The Remix" CD
  • The Paper Chase and Xiu Xiu "cover nick cave" split 7"
  • The Party of Helicopters - Abracadaver CD
  • Thoroughbred "s/t" 7"
  • Portrait s/t 7"
  • Retconned- Simulant Skin Included CD
  • Spiritworld "soul...sold it" 7"
  • Snowden "black eyes" 7"
  • Warning Light - Further On CD
  • Warning Light - Wild Silver CD
  • .you. "i am you" CD


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