Sticky Beak

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Sticky Beak
Author Morris Gleitzman
Country Australia
Language English
Series Blabber Mouth
Genre Children's novel
Publisher multiple
ISBN 1-74093-009-6
Preceded by Blabber Mouth
Followed by Gift of the Gab

Sticky Beak is a children's novel first published in 1993.[1] Written by English-born Australian writer Morris Gleitzman, it is the sequel to Blabber Mouth. The novel is set in Australia and follows the misadventures of a mute Australian girl called Rowena Batts (or Tonto for short). Sticky Beak won the CROW award in 1994.[2]

Plot summary[edit]

Sticky Beak picks up from where Blabber Mouth ends. Rowena's father is now married to her teacher, and at a function she throws a plate of custard and jelly into a fan, splattering it over everyone. As she tries to avoid the consequences, she rescues an abused cockatoo from the neighbourhood bully, Darryn Peck.


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