Stockfisch Records

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Stockfisch Records
Stockfisch records logo.png
Founded 1974 (1974)
Founder Günter Pauler
Genre Jazz, blues, folk
Country of origin Germany
Location Northeim
Official website

Stockfisch Records is a German independent record label, aimed at audiophile fans of guitar-oriented singer-songwriter music and was formed in 1974 by Günter Pauler. Being based in Germany, the main focus is European artists, but there is also a number of American musicians working with Stockfisch, some of them expatriates living in Germany.

Stockfisch Records put a focus on audiophile recordings, release vinyl editions of albums and DSD-recordings, released as hybrid SACDs.


The two artists with which Stockfisch Records started out in 1974 were Werner Lämmerhirt and David Qualey.[1] They as guitar-playing singer-songwriters set the tone for many of their kind to come. Over the years, however, other instrumentalists apart from guitarists signed to Stockfisch.

In 2001, Pauler managed to get the "Queen of Audiophile" Sara K. to sign to Stockfisch Records after her contract with Chesky Records had expired. Sara K. mentions that she was convinced to sign after Pauler had gotten Chris Jones as accompaniment and sent her a fair but unheard of one-page record contract.[2] The live album Live in Concert (2003) which resulted from her 2002 Bowers & Wilkins-sponsored "Nautilus" tour was chosen as the best audophile CD of 2003 by the readers of the German magazine AUDIO/stereoplay and received their Hifi Music Award 2003.[3]

Selected artists on Stockfisch Records[edit]


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