Stockholm South Station

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Stockholms södra
Stockholms Södra ingång.jpg
Location Stockholm,
Coordinates 59°18′51″N 18°03′52″E / 59.31417°N 18.06444°E / 59.31417; 18.06444Coordinates: 59°18′51″N 18°03′52″E / 59.31417°N 18.06444°E / 59.31417; 18.06444
Elevation 14 m
Operated by Storstockholms Lokaltrafik
Line(s) Västra stambanan
Distance 2.4 km
Opened 1860
1989 (renovated)
Passengers (2016) 17,100 boarding per weekday[1]

Stockholm South, Stockholms södra, Stockholm S, locally known as Södra Station (Southern Station) is a railway station in Stockholm.

The Stockholm South railway station was originally opened in the year 1860, and was originally the northern terminus of the Västra Stambanan railway line until the construction of Stockholm Central Station (Stockholm C). The current station, which includes a large apartment complex above it, began construction in 1986 on the site of the original station, and was opened in 1989. The new station is an underground, situated below the site of the old station, and on the railway line it is between Årstaberg and Stockholm C. The trains of the Stockholm commuter rail network stop at this station. About 5 minutes walk on Swedenborgsgatan is the Mariatorget metro station, located 350 metres away.

Stockholm South station is also connected to the Södra station–Hammarbyhamnen–Stadsgården freight branch line (sv:Industrispåret Södra station–Hammarbyhamnen–Stadsgården), which was built between 1925 and 1939 and which formerly provided access to the ports and wharves located at Hammarby and Stadsgården and also provided the only mainline connection with the Saltsjöbanan commuter rail system until 2000. A 550-metre underground spur line also branched off from said freight line to the underground complex at Södersjukhuset hospital (constructed 1937–1944).


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