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Marines practicing axe stomp.

A stomp (also referred to as a stamp) is a downwards strike with the heel of the foot from the stand-up position, and is usually directed at the head or body of a downed opponent. A stomp similar to an axe kick is referred to as an axe stomp, while a particularly powerful jumping stomp with both heels is called a bronco kick, and a stomp from the clinch directed at the opponent's foot is called a foot stomp or a heel stomp.

Use in combat sports[edit]

Stomping is a disallowed practice in most combat sports. Certain mixed martial arts organizations do however allow stomping to different extents. The Ultimate Fighting Championship allows stomps to be performed from the clinch, while it disallows stomping a downed opponent.[1] Although now defunct as a promotion, PRIDE FC rules allowed competitors to stomp a downed opponent, either to the head or body. Singapore-based ONE Fighting Championship that essentially uses a combination of UFC and PRIDE rules does allow stomps on limbs and trunk of a downed opponent but not to the head.

Stomping is also illegal in football sports, as well as ice hockey.

Use in video games[edit]

Stomping is commonly featured as a primary means of attack in Platformers, in which the character's jumping ability is often exaggerated to the point that the character can stomp an enemy's head while it is standing up. A prime example of this is the Mario series.

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