Stormin' Norman

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Stormin' Norman is a rhyming nickname frequently used for anyone named Norman who is also seen as a dynamic or forceful personality. The name is usually a media tag. Here are a few examples of public figures with that tag:

  • Norm Sloan (1926–2003), American college basketball coach
  • Norm Cash (1934–1986), major league baseball player
  • Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. (1934–2012), American military figure
  • Norm Stewart (born 1935), American college basketball coach (University of Missouri)
  • Norman Siegel (born 1943), American civil rights attorney
  • Norman Moore (born 1945), State President Liberal Party of Australia (WA Division)
  • Norm Van Lier (1947–2009), American basketball player
  • Norm Nixon (born 1955), American retired professional basketball player for the NBA
  • Norman Ligairi (born 1976), a Fijian rugby union player
  • Norman Parke (born 1986) Northern Ireland born MMA fighter known as "Stormin' Norman Parke."
  • Norman Powell (born 1993) American professional basketball player