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Original author(s) Todd Ransom
Developer(s) Mariner Software
Initial release 2006 (Avenir)
Stable release
4.0.5 / 2011-10-28
Operating system Mac OS X
Available in English, French, German, Italian.
Type text editor, personal information manager
License proprietary

StoryMill (originally Avenir) is a text editor designed for fiction writers. It provides scene, chapter and character management capabilities along with the ability to annotate text and a claimed industry-first timeline view.

Avenir was developed by Todd Ransom, of Return Self Software, who also developed Montage, a Mac screenwriting application, for Mariner Software. From version 3, Avenir is being "republished" by Mariner, as StoryMill.[1]


  1. ^ Mariner Software Announces StoryMill 3.0 Company to Republish Novel Writing Software

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