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Developer(s) Storyist Software
Stable release
3.2.4 Mac OS X, 3.3 iOS / June 21, 2016
Operating system Mac OS X, iOS
Platform Macintosh, iPad
Type Screenwriting software
License Proprietary
Website Storyist Website

Storyist is a creative writing application for Mac OS X and iPad. Tailored for novelists and screenwriters, it provides a word processor, a cork board with support for index cards and photos, an outliner, and a project manager.


Word processing[edit]

  • Support for headers, footers, style sheets, 2-up editing, and mirrored pages.
  • Automatic manuscript and screenplay formatting.
  • Text Inspector for quick editing of formatting, style, and page settings.
  • Support for comments, bookmarks, and Wiki links.
  • Automator Action-based text plugins that extend application functionality.
  • Full-screen editing mode.

Story development[edit]

  • Cork board with support for photos and index cards.
  • Collage view to visualize the relationships between story elements.
  • Color-coding outliner.
  • Customizable plot, character, and setting sheets.

Project management[edit]

  • Project view to keep all project-related writing organized and accessible.
  • Import and export support for popular file formats, including RTF, .doc, .docx, HTML, and Final Draft.
  • Automator workflow support to handle routine import and export tasks like smart quote conversion and style replacement.
  • Export ePub-formatted eBooks.
  • Synchronization between Mac and iPad via Dropbox.

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