Strömma Canal

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The lifting road overbridge
Strömma Canal
Stromma Canal view.jpg
A view down the Strömma Canal showing the lifting bridge and restaurant
StatusFully operational
Start pointStrömma Quay
Strömma Canal
Strömma Canal is located in Sweden
Strömma Canal
Strömma Canal
Coordinates: 59°17′30″N 18°32′30″E / 59.29167°N 18.54167°E / 59.29167; 18.54167Coordinates: 59°17′30″N 18°32′30″E / 59.29167°N 18.54167°E / 59.29167; 18.54167
CountyStockholm County
MunicipalityVärmdö Municipality

The Strömma Canal (Swedish: Strömma kanal) is a short canal located near Strömma, on Värmdö island, Stockholm County, part of Värmdö Municipality in Sweden.


This short canal runs parallel to the Svanvägen Road and forms a relatively narrow and shallow connection across Värmdö Island, joining two fjords together, thereby allowing a short cut and safer route from Stockholm and other places to the outer Stockholm archipelago islands such as Sandhamn and Runmarö. A lifting canal road overbridge allows for the passage of larger powered boats and yachts across the Stavnäsvägen Road.

Värmdö itself is an island in the inner Stockholm archipelago, and is the largest island in the archipelago.

Current status[edit]

The canal is in regular use and is utilised by the many private pleasure boats and such vessels as the MV Strömma Kanal, a sizeable tourist boat that runs seasonally from Stockholm to the island of Sandhamn.[2]


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