Strange Weather (Joe Hill book)

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Strange Weather
Strng wthr.jpg
Author Joe Hill
Country United States
Language English
Genre Post-apocalyptic; Horror; Dark Fantasy
Publisher William Morrow and Company
Published in English
October 24, 2017
Pages 448
ISBN 978-0-06-266311-5 (Hardcover)

Strange Weather is a collection of short novels written by American author Joe Hill. It was released in the US on October 24, 2017.[1]



In Silicon Valley in 1988, a young man finds himself stalked by a man with a Polaroid camera that can erase memories.


George Kellaway, a mall security guard who's just been refused custody of his son, responds to a jilted mistress shooting her partner and boss by shooting her, a Muslim woman, and a boy who witnessed the entire incident, thinking the Muslim woman and the mistress were in league as part of a terrorist attack. Kellaway is thought to have stopped a mass shooting by killing the initial shooter, and is hailed as a hero of the modern gun rights movement. However, reporter Aisha Lanternglass researches the story and starts publishing the truth, leading Kellaway to crack under media pressure. He takes guns from a suicidal friend of his and kills his family and friends before storming Lanternglass's newspaper office and massacring everyone inside. The story ends with a terrified Lanternglass and her daughter facing an armed Kellaway, who tells Lanternglass that her story might have a different ending had she had a gun.


A man's first attempt at skydiving goes awry when he lands on a solid cloud and can find no way off it.


Clouds above Boulder, Colorado begin to rain down splinters of crystal that kill anyone unlucky enough to be caught outside.


Strange Weather has received primarily positive reviews,[2] with Kirkus referring to the collection as "sparkling" and concluding "Worth waiting in line for, if you’re a Hill fan. If you’re not, this is the book to turn you into one."[3]


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