Strawberry Mansion Bridge

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Roadway on left, pedestrian walk, former trolley tracks on right
Strawberry Mansion Bridge
Phila Strawberry Mansion Bridge02.png
View from Kelly Drive
Carries Strawberry Mansion Drive
Crosses Schuylkill River, Schuylkill River Trail, Kelly Drive, Martin Luther King Drive
Locale Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Official name Strawberry Mansion Bridge
Other name(s) Park Trolley Bridge
Design Steel arch
Total length 1,242.2 feet (378.6 m)
Width 80.0 feet (24.4 m): roadway, originally 40.0 feet (12.2 m)), currently 32.2 feet (9.8 m)); pedestrian walk 12.0 feet (3.7 m); former trolley right-of-way 28.0 feet (8.5 m)
Longest span 200.1 feet (61.0 m)
Opened April 20, 1897, reopened 1995
Closed 1991-1995 for renovations
Daily traffic 14,500 (1996)
Toll none

The Strawberry Mansion Bridge is a steel arch truss bridge across the Schuylkill River in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,[1] in the United States.[2]

It was built in 1896–1897 by the Phoenix Iron Company, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania,[3] under private ownership by the Fairmount Park Transportation Company, which operated trolleys over the bridge,[2] with pedestrian and carriage lanes on the north side. Trolley service was discontinued in 1946.

The Philadelphia Historical Commission designated the bridge as a historic structure on September 7, 1978.

From 1991 to 1995, the bridge was closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic, while it was restored to its historical appearance.

As of 2010, the bridge remains in use, carrying vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

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