Strays (1997 film)

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Strays movie poster.jpeg
Film poster
Directed byVin Diesel
Produced byGordon Bijelonic
Vin Diesel
T.J. Mancini
Jean Claude Nedelic
Robert Panaro
John Sale
Stephen Schmidt
Jill Silverthorne
George Zakk
Robert Bigelow
Written byVin Diesel
StarringVin Diesel
Suzanne Lanza
Joey Dedio
F. Valentino Morales
Mike Epps
T.K. Kirkland
Darnell Williams
Music byJulius Robinson
CinematographyAndrew Dunn
Distributed byFirst Look International
Revolver Entertainment (UK)
Release date
January 18, 1997
Running time
105 minutes
CountryUnited States

Strays is a 1997 American drama film written, directed, produced by, and starring Vin Diesel, which follows a drug dealer and hustler who is fed up with the repetitious life style he leads and begins looking for meaning in his life. It marked Diesel's feature film directing debut and takes a hard look at his own adolescence and upbringing in New York City.


Frustrated by the repetitious grind of one-night stands and aimless hustling, drug dealer Rick (Vin Diesel) is looking for meaning in his life. Like his testosterone-tweaked buddies, Rick is a stray looking for a traditional family structure and wrestling unconsciously with his own father's absence.

When he meets Heather (Suzanne Lanza), the girl next door, he suddenly perceives a new avenue and an opportunity for a new, committed relationship. Trying to assimilate into Heather's world, Rick takes heat from his perpetually adolescent cohorts whose ambitions are restricted to riding fast, toking slow, and ditching hard. Though the chemistry between the couple is immediately charged, Rick's street chic and volatile aggression threatens to extinguish their relationship before it has ever begun.


  • Vin Diesel as Rick
  • Suzanne Lanza as Heather
  • Joey Dedio as Fred
  • F. Valentino Morales as Tony
  • Mike Epps as Mike
  • T.K. Kirkland as Rodney
  • Darnell Williams as Keith
  • Mihaela Tudorof as Danielle
  • Eugene Osborne Smith as Willie
  • Temple Brooks as Amy
  • Loni Sabrina Stuart as Nicole
  • Deangela Parrish as Suzanne
  • Marko Kalfa as Chris
  • Joey Iovino as Kenny
  • Louis Albert von Steidl as Jerry Saperstein
  • Sean M. Silverstein as Timothy (voice)
  • Helen M. Mitchell as Bookstore Clerk
  • Freddie Pendavis as Arthur
  • Denise Carrasco as Tanya
  • Taquana Harris as Melba
  • Marlo Morales as Kiki
  • Rudy "Rush" McCallum as Sevon
  • Marco Alularach as Waiter
  • Gus Theodoro as Maitre 'D
  • Frederick Ricks as Hood 1
  • Redd Grant as Hood 2
  • John Morales as Delivery Man
  • Jamie Schutz as Brown Yuppie 1
  • Matthew Ross as Brown Yuppie 2
  • Clinton Lamur as Bum at Strip Joint
  • John Pierce as Bum 1
  • Phillip Jones as Bum 2
  • Gina Lombardino as Mike's Date
  • Jennifer Merzius as Fred's Date
  • Carol Ferrante as Japanese Girl 1
  • Natalie Ferrante as Japanese Girl 2
  • Munge Abraham Sheriff as Cab Driver
  • Rash Paul Singh as Cab Driver
  • Bartolo Cruz as Cab Driver
  • Mohammed Salama as Cab Driver

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