Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre

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Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre

Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre is an ice rink and leisure centre in Streatham, London. It is the only Olympic-sized skating rink in the city,[1] and is the home ice of the Streatham RedHawks.[2] It replaced the older Streatham Ice Arena.

Streatham Ice Arena[edit]

Streatham Ice Arena was originally opened on the site on the 26 February 1931 by the Mayor of Wandsworth, Lt Col. A. Bellamy, and the Member of Parliament for Streatham, Sir William Lane-Mitchell.[3]

The arena closed on 18 December 2011, and was replaced by a mixed-use complex which opened on 18 November 2013, featuring a Tesco store and an Olympic-sized ice rink and swimming pool. To cover the time until the new ice rink opened, a smaller, temporary ice rink was built two miles away in Brixton.[4][5]

During its last years open, the arena was in substandard conditions from a safety point of view, and would have required extensive refurbishment, including to the ceiling, to remain operative.[6]



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