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Strike may refer to:

Refusal to work or perform[edit]

  • Strike action, also known as a walkout, a work stoppage caused by the mass refusal of employees to perform work
  • General strike, strike action by a critical mass of the labor force in a city, region or country
  • Capital strike, refusal to invest in an economy
  • Culture strike, refusal of artists or art institutions (arts organizations, festivals etc.) to respectively produce and show art
  • Hunger strike, participants fast as an act of political protest, or to provoke feelings of guilt in others
  • Postal strike (disambiguation), an industrial dispute by postal workers
  • Prison strike, strike taking place inside a prison, involving either a hunger strike or a prison work strike
  • Rent strike, when a group of tenants en masse agrees to refuse to pay rent until a specific list of demands is met by the landlord
  • Student strike, occurs when students enrolled at a teaching institution such as a school, college or university refuse to go to class

Physical confrontation or removal[edit]

  • Strike (attack), attack with an inanimate object or a part of the human body intended to cause harm
  • Airstrike, military strike by air forces on either a suspected or a confirmed enemy ground position
  • Bird strike, collision between an airborne animal and a man-made vehicle, especially aircraft
  • Military strike, limited attack on a specified target
  • Striking the colors, to haul down a flag to indicate surrender
  • Strikethrough, typographical presentation of words with a horizontal line through the center of them
  • Utility strike, during an excavation accidentally hitting or damaging buried pipes or wires belonging to a public utility or other such services
  • Warning or measure for guideline violation on YouTube: YouTube copyright strike or YouTube community guidelines strike


Economics and law[edit]

  • Strike price, fixed price at which the owner of an option can purchase, in the case of a call, or sell, in the case of a put, the underlying security or commodity
  • Strike from the record, request to erase previous testimony or a court proceeding from the record

Science and technology[edit]






Video games[edit]


  • S.T.R.I.K.E., fictional counterterrorism and intelligence agency in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Strike Entertainment, film production company founded in 2002 by Marc Abraham and Thomas Bliss, associated with Universal Studios
  • "Strike the set" (theatrical), process in set construction of dismantling, storing or discarding the materials used

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