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Stuart Bailey (Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey; born 1973) is a British graphic designer, writer and editor. In 2000 he co-founded the bi-annual arts journal Dot Dot Dot with Peter Biľak. In 2006 he began working with David Reinfurt under the pseudonym Dexter Sinister,[1] which is also the name of their 'just-in-time workshop and occasional bookstore' on New York's Lower East Side. Reinfurt replaced Bilak as co-editor of Dot Dot Dot the same year; it continued under Bailey and Reinfurt's direction until the final, 20th issue in 2010 before being replaced by Bulletins of the Serving Library,[1] now co-edited by Bailey and Reinfurt together with Angie Keefer, and available online as well as in print. He has lived and worked in London, Amsterdam, New York and Los Angeles, and is now based in Liverpool, UK.

According to online resource Typotheque, Bailey studied typography and graphic communication at the University of Reading.[2] Bailey was one of the first participants to study at the Werkplaats Typografie (typographic workshop) in Arnhem, a postgraduate program headed by designer Karel Martens.[3] In 2015 he received a PhD from the Fine Art Department of the University of Reading with a thesis titled Work in Progress: Form as a Way of Thinking.[4] He is a lecturer at the Haute école d'art et de design in Geneva, Switzerland.[5]


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