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Stub or Stubb may refer to:

Shortened objects and entities

  • Stub (stock), the portion of a corporation left over after most but not all of it has been bought out or spun out
  • Stub, a tree cut and allowed to regrow from the trunk; see pollarding
  • Pay stub, a receipt or record that the employer has paid an employee
  • Stub period, period of time over which interest accrues which is not equal to the usual interval between bond coupon
  • Stub road, an unused road junction
  • Ticket stub, the portion of an admissions ticket that is retained by the ticket holder

Computing and electronics

  • Stub (distributed computing), a piece of work of a greater calculation in distributed computing
  • Stub (electronics), a calculated length section of transmission line used to match impedance in transmission lines
  • Method stub, a placeholder method for production code
  • Stub network, in computer networking, a section of network with only one exit router to other networks
  • Test stub, a test double that returns a particular value



Given name





  • Alexander Stubb (born 1968), President of Finland, Prime Minister of Finland from 2014 to 2015
  • Ambrosius Stub (1705–1758), Danish poet
  • Göran Stubb (born 1935), Finnish ice hockey executive and the father of Alexander Stubb
  • Hans Stubb (1906–1973), German soccer player
  • Jens Stub (1764–1819), Norwegian politician
  • Suzanne Innes-Stubb (born 1970), British-Finnish attorney and the wife of Alexander Stubb
  • Sverre Stub (born 1946), Norwegian diplomat

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