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Studio One was a recording studio located in Doraville, Georgia, a suburban hamlet northeast of Atlanta. The address was 3864 Oakcliff Industrial Court, Doraville GA 30340. It is now occupied by a non related business and used as a warehouse.

The studio was designed and constructed in 1970 by audio engineer Rodney Mills, with the support of music publisher Bill Lowery and future Atlanta Rhythm Section manager Buddy Buie.[1] Lowery and Buie, along with the latter's songwriting partner J. R. Cobb and the Classics IV's manager Paul Cochran, were the studio's original owners.[2] The studio output included a diverse range of recordings by Journey, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Joe South, Atlanta Rhythm Section, .38 Special and Outlaws.[3] Singer Ronnie Hammond also started his career at the studio, originally employed as an assistant audio engineer.

Atlanta Rhythm Section was formed from session musicians used at Studio One and utilised the facilities extensively for rehearsals.

Buddy Buie continued to run Studio One until 1986 when he sold it to Georgia State University. Sadly, the upkeep of the studio was too high and it was closed in 1989, eventually being razed to make way for a parking lot. Buie died on July 18, 2015 at age 74.

Albums recorded at Studio One[edit]


In The Know (1980) - Jake Sandborn Brace Yourself (1982) - Road Dogs