Studstrup Power Station

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Studstrup Power Station
Studstrup Power Station
Studstrup Power Station is located in Denmark
Studstrup Power Station
Location of Studstrup Power Station
Country Denmark
Location Studstrup
Coordinates 56°15′0.7″N 10°20′41.4″E / 56.250194°N 10.344833°E / 56.250194; 10.344833Coordinates: 56°15′0.7″N 10°20′41.4″E / 56.250194°N 10.344833°E / 56.250194; 10.344833
Status Operational
Commission date 1968
Owner(s) DONG Energy
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Fuel oil
Secondary fuel Coal
Tertiary fuel Biomass (straw)
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 700 MW
Annual output 3,340 GWh (electricity 2006)
9,090 TJ (heat 2006)

The Studstrup Power Station (Danish: Studstrupværket) is an oil and coal-fired thermal power plant at Studstrup, Denmark. It is operated by DONG Energy. It has an electrical generation capacity of 700 MW and went in service in 1968. The chimney of the power plant is 189.89 metres (623.0 ft) tall. The plant can partially co-fire biomass in the form of straw. Waste heat from the plant is directed via pipes into Århus and used for district heating.

It is located in Aarhus Municipality.

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