Stumptown Kid

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Stumptown Kid is a children's novel by Carol Gorman and Ron J. Findley, first published in 2005.

In a small Iowa town in 1952, eleven-year-old Charlie Nebraska, whose father died in the Korean War, learns the meanings of both racism and heroism when he befriends a black man who had played baseball in the Negro Leagues.

Main characters[edit]

Charlie Nebraska An eleven-year-old boy whose dad died in the Korean war. He likes to play baseball but doesn't make the community team, the Wildcats.

Will Draft Charlie's best friend. Will plays baseball for the Wildcats.

Brad Lobo Also plays for the Wildcats. He is a bully and hates Charlie.

Luther Peale Charlie's friend. Former player in the Negro League but hurt his arm after pitching the ball that killed Ruckus Brody's Brother.

Vern Charlie's Mom's boyfriend who is very racist in many ways, so he doesn't like Luther.



Nominated: 2010 Nutmeg Book Award

Florida State

Nominated: 2008-09 Sunshine State Young Readers Award Master List (grades 3-5)

Washington State

Nominated: 2008 Sasquatch Award

South Carolina

Nominated: South Carolina Children's Book Award<><>


Nominated: Emphasis on Reading Program 2006-2007 Booklist<><>


Nominated: Louisiana Young Readers' Choice list (Louisiana 2008) Study Guide (PDF Download)<><>

New Hampshire

Nominated: Great Stone Face Children's Book Award (New Hampshire 2006-07)<><>


2005-2006 Pennsylvania Young Adult Top Forty List Nominated: Keystone State Reading Association (Pennsylvania) Young Adult Book Award 2006


Included on the Kansas State Reading Circle 2005 Recommended Reading List.Listed in the Kansas National Education Association "Reading Circle Catalog.

Iowa Nominated for the 2007-2008 Iowa Teen Award.