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Stunt is a dance music project of British remixers/producers Pete Kirtley, Molly Smitten-Downes, Simon Wills and Dave Valler. Stunt is signed to Absolute records with their releases distributed through AATW (All Around The World).


David Valler and Molly Smitten-Downes collaborated to write lyrics and a melody (topline) over dance act Sash! hit Encore Une Fois, creating an international club hit, Raindrops. It was picked up in the United States by Ultra Records and by Ministry of Sound in the UK in 2006.

A new reworking of "Raindrops" between Stunt and Sash! was released as a download only on 6 October 2008 on Hard2Beat records. A week later, 'Sash! Ft. Stunt - Raindrops (Encore Une Fois)' was released for general sale on CD and entered the Top 10 of the UK Singles Chart on 19 October at #9.

A new single entitled "I'll Be There" was released on digital format on 8 June 2009. The song was released on promo several years earlier via Smitten-Downes' previous alias of Amesha. The inlay to the promo of the Stunt version stated that a new album entitled Neon Nights would be released by the group in the future.

Also in 2009, Smitten-Downes teamed with Swedish producer and singer/songwriter Basshunter, for the collaboration "I Will Learn To Love Again", which is featured on his second UK album Bass Generation. In addition to this, a collaboration with Darren Styles ("Shining Star") was released on Clubland Extreme Hardcore 6.

Their next single "Fade Like The Sun" was released in 2010. The song has been remixed by several artists such as Flip & Fill, Frisco and Kenny Hayes.



  • Neon Nights - TBR[1]


  • 2006 - "Raindrops"
  • 2008 - "Raindrops (Encore Une Fois) feat. Sash" (Hard 2 Beat Records)
  • 2009 - I'll Be There (Absolute records via AATW (All Around The World))
  • 2010 - Fade Like the Sun (Absolute Records via AATW (All Around The World))

Featured songs[edit]

  • 2009 - "I Will Learn to Love Again" - Basshunter Ft. Stunt (Hard2Beat)
  • 2009 - "Shining Star" - Darren Styles & Chris Unknown Ft. Stunt (AATW (All Around The World)
  • 2010 - "TBC" - Sash! Ft Stunt
  • 2010 - "I'm Alive" - Micky Modelle & Mark Breeze Ft Stunt
  • 2010 - "Like a Bitch" - Darren Styles Ft Stunt


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