Stura del Monferrato

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Stura del Monferrato
Stura del monferrato tra montiglio e robella.jpg
The stream between Robella and Montiglio, at the beginning of its course
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationnear Moransengo (Province of Asti)
 ⁃ elevation400 m (1,300 ft)
 ⁃ location
Po near Pontestura (Province of Alessandria)
Length36.7 km (22.8 mi)[1]
 ⁃ average3.2 m3/s (110 cu ft/s)[2]

The Stura del Monferrato (also known as the Stura piccola and the Stura di Casale,[3] in each case to distinguish it from other Piedmontese watercourses of the same name: the Stura di Lanzo, the Stura di Demonte and the Stura di Ovada) is a 36.7-kilometre (22.8 mi) stream, which runs through Murisengo, Cerrina Monferrato, Mombello Monferrato and Pontestura in the Italian Province of Alessandria.

A right tributary of the Po River it flows in a northeasterly direction within the hilly region of the Basso Monferrato, through the Val Cerrina. (This valley, however, was not formed by the Stura: rather it was excavated by the major watercourse of Piedmont which existed during the Lower Pleistocene, draining the western Alps and following an east-south-easterly course generally to the south of today’s Po.[4])

Its mean discharge of a mere 3.2 cubic metres per second (110 cu ft/s) relies immediately upon precipitation, and is subject to marked seasonal variations.


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Coordinates: 45°08′55″N 8°20′51″E / 45.14861°N 8.34750°E / 45.14861; 8.34750