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SubHuman : Human Imprint
Founded2010 (2010)
FounderDieselboy (Damian Higgins), Steve Gordon (Smash Gordon)
GenreDubstep, electro
Country of originU.S.
LocationBrooklyn, New York; Baltimore, Maryland

SubHuman : Human Imprint is an American record label which releases dubstep and electro house music

In September 2010, Dieselboy / Damian Higgins and partner Steve Gordon / Smash Gordf style,of Steez Promo of Baltimore, Maryland, and Circle Management (based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), launched the SubHuman sublabel of Human Imprint for dubstep and Electro house releases.[1][2] Artists include Bare, Mark Instinct, Muffler, NumberNin6, PXL FST (Pixel Fist), and Smash Gordon.[3]

SubHuman's May 11, 2011 "King Kong" release was the first collaboration between Bare and Datsik.

In February 2012, Higgins and Gordon launched Planet Human as the new umbrella label for Human Imprint and SubHuman with the following artist roster: Dieselboy, Smash Gordon, Bare, Hulk, Mark Instinct, Mayhem, Muffler, Nerd Rage, Nightwalker, NumbernIn6, Pixel Fist, Sluggo, Subshock, Dan Wall, Zardonic.


Singles, EPs, and free downloads[edit]

Release Artist Catalog Number Date
Garbage/Hunt You Down NumberNin6 SBHM001 09/13/10
Calling Your Name/Gangwarz Muffler SBHM002 10/11/10
Bring It Back/Thugs In The Hood (Feat. MC Messinian) Bare SBHM003 11/01/10
Back Up/Controller Muffler SBHM004 11/22/10
Banshee/Collateral Damage Bare SBHM005 12/13/10
Move/Neurons Muffler SBHM006 01/17/11
Hard As Hell EP The Grid: Bare; 2 Die 4: Bare; Gryllz: Bare; Game Changer: Bare SBHM007 02/28/11
Fire/Clean Slate Pixel Fist SBHM008 03/21/11
Strength In Numbers EP Bloodsport: Bare & Muffler; Murk That (feat. Messinian): Bare, NumberNin6 & Messinian; Freeze Frame: Bare & Mark Instinct; Bad Habit (feat. Messinian): Bare, Symbl & Messinian SBHM009 04/11/11
Menace/Not This Time NumberNin6 SBHM010 06/1/11
Battle for Cybertron EP Cybertron: Muffler; Machines: Muffler; Heavy: Muffler; Megatronik: Muffler + Bare SBHM011 06/27/11
Murder Machine EP Murder Machine feat. Dieselboy: Bare + Mark Instinct; Shodan: Bare + Mark Instinct; Lifted: Bare + Mark Instinct; AI: Bare + Mark Instinct SBHM012 07/18/11
Off The Chain EP Off The Chain ft. Radrok: Mark Instinct; Get It ft. Messinian: Mark Instinct, Messinian; Strawberry: Mark Instinct; Grimey: Mark Instinct SBHM013 08/15/11
The Brotorious EP Brotorious: Hulk + Dan Wall; Assassin: Hulk + Dan Wall SBHM014 09/27/11
World of Hurt EP Suckerpunch: Bare; Droid X: Bare; Dirtybit: Bare; Broken: Bare SBHM015 11/7/11
Elbows of Fury EP I Am Captain: Sluggo + Nerd Rage + Terrabad: Fumigate: Sluggo + Nerd Rage; Dark Crystal: Sluggo + Nerd Rage; Epic Win: Sluggo + Nerd Rage SBHM016 11/28/11
Black Rainbow EP Wrong Answer: Nightwalker; Boogeyman: Nightwalker; Strange Wilderness: Nightwalker; Rodeo: Nightwalker SBHM017 2/21/12
Bad Medicine EP NumberNin6: Drop This feat. Maksim; NumberNin6 + Zardonic: The Final Five; NumberNin6: Alchemy SBHM018 3/27/12
Muffler Remixes Volume One EP Calling Your Name - SKiSM remix; Cybertron - Pixel Fist remix; Move - Muffler VIP; Muffler + Bare: Megatronik - Pixel Fist remix; Controller: Tom Encore remix SBHM019 4/10/12
Ursa Major EP Bare: Enemies - Original Mix; Bare: Lobotomy - Original Mix; Bare: Night Moves - Original Mix; Bare: Titans - Original Mix; Bare: Earth Girls Are Easy - Original Mix SBHM020 4/23/12
Muffler Remixes Volume Two EP Cybertron - Pixel Fist drumstep remix; Gangwarz - Bare dubstep remix; Move - Nightwalker dubstep remix; Muffler + Bare: Megatronik - Ajapai dubstep remix; Neurons: Billy The Gent X Long Jawns electro house remix; Cybertron - Audio drum & bass VIP SBHM021 5/23/12
Richter Scale EP Subshock: Bring The Bass - Original drum & bass mix; Subshock: Catch Me - Original drum & bass mix; Subshock: Bring The Bass - Dubstep remix; Subshock: Disco Rocket - Original drum & bass mix SBHM022 6/6/12
First Blood EP Mayhem, Bare, Logam, TL: Full Metal Jacket - Original dubstep mix; Mayhem, Mark Instinct: Nerds - Original dubstep mix; Mayhem, Trench: Remember Me (Feat. Naz Tokio) - Original dubstep mix; Subshock: Mayhem, Logam, TL: Cryptkeeper - Original dubstep mix SBHM023 8/21/12
Strength in Numbers 2 EP Bare + Liquid Stranger: Rage - Original dubstep mix; Bare + Mark Instinct: Fucking Vicious - Original drum & bass mix; Bare + Messinian: Wasted - Original drum & bass mix SBHM024 9/25/12
Human vs SubHuman EP SPKTRM: Planet Human - Mark Instinct + Nerd Rage remix (Dubstep); Demo: OD - Mayhem remix (Dubstep); Zardonic + Counterstrike: Hardcore Will Never Die - Bare Noize remix (Dubstep); Dieselboy + Evol Intent + Ewun: Midnight Express - SPL + ill.Gates + Triage remix (Dubstep); Evol Intent + Ewun: The Rapture - NumberNin6 remix (Dubstep); Zardonic + Mumblz: Systems Activated - Pixel Fist remix (Dubstep)) SBHM025 10/23/12
One Hundred Ten EP Uman: Cheap Thrills - Original indie dance/nu disco mix; Bare: Sleep - Original indie dance/nu disco mix; Subshock: Bomba - Original indie dance/nu disco mix; Whiskey Pete + Subshock: Bass Hustle - Original electro house mix SBHM026 11/6/12
Project No-Autotune Schoolboy (Drumstep) (#1 Beatport Drum & Bass Chart 2.4.13)[4] SBHM027 1/29/13
Panic Attack feat. Anna Yvette ETC!ETC! + Must Die! (Dubstep)[5] SBHM028 3/5/13
N.V.D (Invid) Dieselboy – Le Castle Vania & Computer Club Remix SBHMLTD001 09/28/10
King Kong Bare + Datsik SBHMLTD002 05/11/11
Tear the Club Up 2099 DJ Class, Mark Instinct, Smash Gordon SBHMLTD 003 10/17/11
Sentient NumberNin6 + Torqux & Twist (UK) SBHMLTD 004 12/12/11
King Kong Experiment EP Bare + Datsik: King Kong - Billy The Gent X Long Jawns remix (Indie Dance/Nu Disco); Bare + Datsik: King Kong - Lucky Date remix (Electro House); Bare + Datsik: King Kong - Mark Instinct remix (Dubstep); Bare + Datsik: King Kong - Neon Steve remix (Breaks); Bare + Datsik: King Kong - Skeptiks remix (Dubstep); Bare + Datsik: King Kong - Terravita remix (Drum & Bass); Bare + Datsik: King Kong - Bare VIP (Dubstep); Bare + Datsik: King Kong - Original Mix (Dubstep) SBHMLTD 005 5/8/12
Aftershock Schoolboy (Electro house) SBHMLTD 006 9/11/12
WTF Nerd Rage (MUST DIE! I Want My Son Back remix) (Trap) SBHMLTD 007 10/9/12
Shot Me Down Bare Free Download 10/29/10
Handz Up Smash Gordon & Logun Free Download 11/17/10
Voodoo People The Prodigy (Muffler Remix) Free Download 11/22/10
Rukkuz Bare Free Download 12/13/10
Upper Decker Bare Free Download 12/20/10
Purp & Yellow Bare Free Download 02/28/11
Immortal Sasha (Kaos + Karl K remix) Free Download 06/22/12
Atlantic State Technical Itch + Dieselboy (Gridlok Remix) Free Download 07/06/12
We Want Your Soul Freeland (Raiden Remix) Free Download 08/03/12
Banshee Bare (Zardonic Drumstep Remix) Free Download 11/12/12
Silence feat. Charlotte D Mark Instinct (Dubstep) Free Download 12/9/12
G.A.R Subshock (Dubstep) Free Download 12/21/12
OD Demo: OD (Mayhem Remix) (Dubstep) Free Download 2/4/13


  • "Dieselboy - Live at Beta!," mix by Dieselboy, free download, April 13, 2012
  • "Dieselboy - Wake the Dead!," mix by Dieselboy, free download, February 6, 2012
  • "Smash Your Fucking Face Vol. 3," mix by Smash Gordon, May 6, 2011
  • "Dieselboy - Unleashed!," mix by Dieselboy, free download, January 31, 2011
  • "In for the Kill" - Genre Changing Smash Up - DJ Edit 320, mix by Smash Gordon, December 3, 2010
  • "This is Not for Your Computer Speakers," mix by Smash Gordon, December 2010
  • "Smash Your Fucking Face Vol. 2," mix by Smash Gordon, August 22, 2010
  • "Smash Your Fucking Face," mix by Smash Gordon, November 14, 2009

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