Sub Command

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Publisher(s)Strategy First
ReleaseSeptember 13th 2001
Genre(s)Submarine simulator
Mode(s)Single-player, Multiplayer

Sub Command, subtitled Akula Seawolf 688(I) is a submarine simulator computer game designed by Sonalysts Combat Simulations and published for Windows systems by Strategy First in 2001. appeared in immediately after the terrorist attacks in the United States. The player commands one submarine: a United States Seawolf, a Russian Akula, or a 688(I).

Sub Command sports three training missions, 23 single missions, and one 14 mission campaign. The campaign can be played from either the Russian or US side, so in effect there are two campaigns. The single missions range from search and rescue, battle group escort, tailing enemy boomers, spy missions, and general-purpose search-and-destroy. Many missions strictly prohibit firing on the enemy as you are expected to mirror real life Cold War objectives and get in—get out without being seen. Some missions offer you more than one choice of ownship submarine--you may play the mission as the Akula, 688(I), or the Seawolf.

In multiplayer mode, this game allows up to eight players to play each other via LAN, IPX or IP connections.

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