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Map of the Federation of South Arabia showing Subeihi within Lahej

Subeihi or Subayhi (Arabic: الصبيحيaṣ-Ṣubayḥī), or the Subeihi Sultanate (Arabic: سلطنة الصبيحيSalṭanat aṣ-Ṣubayḥī or Arabic: سلطنة الصبيحةSalṭanat aṣ-Ṣubayḥah), was the westernmost state in the western Aden Protectorate. It was one of the original "Nine Cantons" that signed protection agreements with Great Britain in the late 19th century. In 1948, it came under the sway of the Sultanate of Lahej and is now part of the Republic of Yemen.[1]


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