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Sublink Network was a non-profit association founded in Italy in 1989 to allow cost-sharing access to the Internet. Sublink Network was registered with the domain (this domain now belongs to a different organization not related to the original Sublink Network). Sublink Network had its own sublink.* newsgroup hierarchy and a cross link with the Italian branch of FidoNet.


Its founders on September 25, 1989 were: Paolo Ventafridda (president), Paolo Pennisi, Marco Sacchi, Carlo Vellano, Davide Yachaya and Mauro Mozzarelli. The association was based in Milan, ITALY. The association for a few years had a UUCP dialup link to Rutgers university, but later obtained free support from Olivetti who provided Internet mail and newsgroups (now named "groups" by google) feed. At its peak in 1991-1995 Sublink Network counted around one hundred nodes distributed across the Italian territory.

Sublink was the very first public (non-academic) internet email and newsgroup network in Italy, with very low access fees (around $100 a year), fast backbone modems running at 19200 bps (the average modem was 2400 bit/s at that time), and fully registered to the NIC. When after 1997, low cost PPP commercial access to the Internet started to become available, interest for UUCP cost-share Internet feeds started to decline and the association was naturally dissolved.


UUCP network map for the early internet in Italy [1]

Early public networking analysis by the Italian National Research Center, 1993 (pdf, italian)[2]

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