Subsequent Pleasures

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Subsequent Pleasures
Xymox Subsequent Pleasures.jpg
EP by
GenrePost-punk, gothic rock, dark wave
Clan of Xymox chronology
Subsequent Pleasures
Clan of Xymox

Subsequent Pleasures is the first mini-album by Dutch dark wave band Clan of Xymox, self-released in 1983 under the band's original name Xymox.[1][2]

It was limited to 500 copies, with most destroyed by the band, so very few copies remain in existence. The EP was later reissued, bolstered with six additional demo tracks, by Pandailectric (1994, Germany), Pseudonym (1994, Benelux), Pandaimonium Records (2001, Germany) and Metropolis Records (2001, US). "Moscovite Musquito" was listed as "Muscoviet Musquito" on these reissues.

The original artwork and sleeve design were by Anke Wolbert, with all 500 copies screen-printed by hand.[1][3]

Track listing[edit]

1."Going Round"Ronny Moorings4:38
2."Moscovite Musquito"Moorings, Pieter Nooten, Anka Wolbert4:32
3."Strange 9 to 9"Moorings4:33
4."Call It Weird"Moorings, Wolbert3:50
5."Abysmal Thoughts"Moorings4:33


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