Suburban Voice

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Suburban Voice
SuburbanVoice24 cover.jpg
24th issue cover, 1988.
Editor Al Quint
Staff writers Al Quint; et al.
Categories Music magazine
Publisher Al Quint
Founder Al Quint
Year founded 1982
Final issue
— Number
2003 (2003)
Country United States
Based in Swampscott, Massachusetts
Language English

Suburban Voice is a punk zine published by Al Quint.[1] Originally started in 1982,[1] it was titled Suburban Punk for the first 10 issues, and then the titled changed to Suburban Voice. Although the zine has other contributors, Quint is the primary writer for most of the material. The zine is noted for its in-depth interviews and detailed music reviews. The print version ended with issue #46 in 2003.[1] Since then, it has been an on-line blog.[1]


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