Subway Night

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Subway Night
Studio album by David Amram
Released 1972 (1972)
Genre Jazz
Label RCA
David Amram chronology
No More Walls
Subway Night
Havana/New York

Subway Night is an album by jazz hornist David Amram, released in 1972 on RCA Records.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Fabulous Fifties"
  2. "Little Momma"
  3. "Credo"
  4. "Subway Night"
  5. "Professor and the Panhandler"
  6. "Horn and Hardart Succotash Blues"
  7. "Neon Casbah"
  8. "East and West"
  9. "Ballad for Red Allen"
  10. "Message to the Politicians of the World"
  11. "Mean Dean"