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Sudbury East
Ontario electoral district
Defunct provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Ontario
District created 1967
District abolished 1999
First contested 1967
Last contested 1995
Census divisions Sudbury District, Regional Municipality of Sudbury
Census subdivisions Sudbury, Capreol, Nickel Centre, Casimir, Jennings and Appleby, Cosby, Mason and Martland, Hagar, Ratter and Dunnet

Sudbury East was a provincial electoral riding in the Canadian province of Ontario, that was represented in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1967 to 1999. It served the easternmost portion of the former city of Sudbury, the eastern portion of the Regional Municipality of Sudbury, and several rural communities to the east and southeast of the city. The riding only existed in provincial elections — for federal elections, most of Sudbury East was part of either Nickel Belt or Timiskaming—French River.

In 1999, the provincial government realigned its ridings to match the federal riding boundaries, and Sudbury East was amalgamated into the provincial Nickel Belt district. Shelley Martel, the incumbent MPP for Sudbury East prior to the 1999 election, continued to represent the region for another eight years as the MPP for Nickel Belt.

Members of Provincial Parliament[edit]

Parliament Years Member Party
28th 1967-1971     Elie Martel New Democrat
29th 1971-1975
30th 1975-1977
31st 1977-1981
32nd 1981-1985
33rd 1985-1987
34th 1987-1990     Shelley Martel New Democrat
35th 1990-1995
36th 1995-1999
Merged into Nickel Belt.

Other usages[edit]

The name Sudbury East is still used to refer collectively to the municipalities southeast of the city which were formerly part of the riding but are not part of the current city of Greater Sudbury, including Markstay-Warren, St. Charles and French River. These towns, as well as the adjacent municipality of Killarney and the unorganized townships of Burwash, Cox, Davis, Hawley, Hendrie, Henry, Janes, Laura, Loughrin, Secord, Servos, Street and Waldie, coordinate economic development and planning through the cooperative Sudbury East Planning Board.

In unofficial usage, the designation may also be extended to include the municipality of West Nipissing, particularly the community of Sturgeon Falls, although West Nipissing is not officially part of the Sudbury East area.

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