Sudha (weekly magazine)

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Categories Current affair magazine
Frequency Weekly
Publisher The Printers (Mysore) Pvt. Ltd
First issue 11 January 1965
Country India
Language Kannada
Website Sudha

Sudha is a Kannada weekly magazine published in Bangalore.[1]

History and profile[edit]

Sudha was established in 1965.[1] The first issue appeared on 11 January 1965.[2] It is published by The Printers (Mysore) Pvt. Ltd.[2][3] The magazine covers articles on current affairs.


Sudha publishes a large number of cartoons, especially political cartoons.

Some of the cartoonists are GM Bomnalli, V.Gopal, Prakash Shetty, Devidas Suvarna, Kandikatla, Indrali Guru, and Halambi Etc.

There are some cartoonists whose cartoons were printed in the magazine for first time. One of them is Vasuki CG.

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