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Taylor Media is an Australian film and television production company founded in 1991 by Sue Taylor. The company has produced children's dramas (Minty, Southern Cross, Time Trackers), mini-series (The Shark Net), documentaries (Courting With Justice), feature films (Last Train to Freo, Looking for Grace, The Tree and Three Summers.[1])[2]


Sue Taylor has been a filmmaker for over twenty five years, She established her own company, Taylor Media in Australia in 2001. A graduate in Anthropology from London University, she began her career as a journalist in the UK before moving to Perth, Australia and into television production in the early 1980s.


Sue Taylor later produced a book documenting the recollections from childhood to old age of Ethel May Elvin who was born in 1906 in a poor working-class family and lived to the start of the 21st century.[3]


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