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"Sugar Me" is a song written by Lynsey de Paul and Barry Green.[1] The first version of this song to be released was recorded by de Paul as her first single on MAM Records in 1972. It was produced by Gordon Mills and the B-side was de Paul's version of "Storm in a Teacup", a song she co-wrote and had been a hit for The Fortunes earlier that year.[2] The single was a hit in many countries, notably reaching the top of the singles charts in the Netherlands (where it stayed for five weeks),[3] Belgium and Spain as well as the top 20 in the UK, Australia, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Japan. It also reached the no. 1 position on the Bangkok HSA charts in October 1972, and was play listed on some (WERS-FM, KCRW, KFAI, WPKN etc) US radio stations.[4] It also received favourable reviews in the United States,[5][6] and was listed as being among the best 5 singles of 1972 by Cashbox.[7][8] "Sugar Me" was ranked the 14th best selling single of 1972 in the Netherlands,[9] and 80th best selling single of 1972 in the UK.[10] It entered the Netherlands Digital Top 100 on the 5 October 2014, just after De Paul died. The version on de Paul's debut album, Surprise, was a re-recorded and slightly extended version that featured a longer solo by violinist Johnny Van Derek and was produced by de Paul.[11] "Sugar Me" was re-released as a single in 1977 backed with "Won't Somebody Dance With Me" on the MAM label to tie in with the release of her Eurovision Song contest entry "Rock Bottom".[12]

The song has been recorded by many other artists, notably Nancy Sinatra, as a non-LP single,[13] and received positive reviews[14] (more recently it appeared as the lead track on the CD album How Does It Feel), Claudine Longet on her album Sugar Me,[15] Dutch group Gigantjes,[16] Belgian female trio "Candy",[17] Nydia Caro (both as a single and also as a track on her 1978 album),[18][19] Esmaye on her album Elements in Me,[20] plus singer-songwriter Nasia Christie who released her version of "Sugar Me" as her first single produced by Brian Canham from Pseudo Echo in 2007.[21] There has also been a rock version of the song performed by the German group Gwen Stacey, on their 1989 EP "Sugar Me".[22] More recently it has been recorded by Papernut Cambridge,[23] Italian artist, LIM[24][25] and Karl Jonas on his 2016 album, In a Gilbert Play.[26]

The de Paul album version of "Sugar Me" is featured as the first song in the movie Cut Snake,[27] and it is performed by Austrian actress Sophie Rois in the German comedy film La série" aka "Fräulein Phyllis.[28]


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