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Blackfoot Sue was a British pop / rock band, formed in 1970 by the twin brothers Tom and David Farmer and Eddie Golga.[1] A single released in August 1972, "Standing in the Road" on the Jam label No. JAM 13, reached number 4 on the UK Singles Chart.[2] Lack of further tangible success left them labelled as one-hit wonders. However, they did have another record enter the UK Singles Chart. "Sing Don't Speak" reached number 36 in December 1972.[2] In November 1972, they appeared on the German television programme, Disco. According to Allmusic, "they were written off as a teen sensation and broke up in 1977".[1]

Band members[edit]

  • Tom Farmer (born Thomas Laurence Farmer, 2 March 1952, Birmingham, England) - bass, keyboards, vocals
  • Dave Farmer (born David Anthony Farmer, 2 March 1952, Birmingham, England) - drums
  • Eddie Golga (born Edward John Gogla, 4 September 1951, Birmingham, England) - guitar, keyboards
  • Alan Jones (born Alan Douglas Jones, 5 January 1950, Birmingham, England) - guitar, vocals

Later incarnations[edit]

The band stopped performing live in 1977 but under the name Liner recorded a studio album, Liner, in 1979. Released on Atlantic Records and produced by Arif Mardin, it was recorded in both the UK and the U.S., using session musicians from both sides of the Atlantic, including Mel Collins, Dick Morrissey, Frank Vicari and Ronnie Cuber on saxophones; plus Cissy Houston, Maretha Stewart and Beverly Ingram on background vocals. The group scored a minor US hit, "You And Me". The fourth member of the original band, Alan Jones, later emigrated to Sydney, Australia.

By 1984, they had formed as a trio, Outside Edge, recording a further four albums under that name.

In 1993, the band reinvented themselves as Blackfoot Sue, with a final gig at the London Astoria in 1999.


Blackfoot Sue[edit]

  • Nothing To Hide (1973)
  • Strangers (1974)
  • Gun Running - Unreleased (1975)
  • The Best of Blackfoot Sue (1996)
  • Talk Radio (1995) - re-released in 1998 as Red On Blue


  • Liner (1979)

Outside Edge[edit]

  • Outside Edge (1984)
  • Running Hot (1986)
  • In Concert (1986)
  • More Edge (1987)
  • Call Me (1990)


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