Sugarolly Days

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Sugarolly Days
Studio album by Jim Diamond
Released 1994
Recorded 1994
Genre Folk
Length 46.45
Label Righteous Records
Total Records
River Records
Producer Jim Diamond, Rafe McKenna
Jim Diamond chronology
Jim Diamond
(1993)Jim Diamond1993
Sugarolly Days
The Best of Jim Diamond
(1999)The Best of Jim Diamond1999

Sugarolly Days is a 1994 album by Jim Diamond. It is a collection of Scottish folk songs. Gallagher & Lyle appear on several tracks.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Sugarolly Mountains" 5.59
  2. "The Road to Dundee" 4.10
  3. "One Day Without Fear" 4.45
  4. "Ae Fond Kiss" 3.25
  5. "Coulter's Candy (Ali Bali Be)" 3.39
  6. "The Road to Flodigarry" 4.23
  7. "Caledonia (Heartland)" 3.29
  8. "Wild Mountain Thyme (Will Ye Go Lassie Go)" 3.16
  9. "Eastern Promise" 2.56
  10. "A Red, Red Rose" 2.45
  11. "The Rowan Tree" 3.20
  12. "Skye Boat Song" 4.28