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The Sugden Award is an annual award for contributions to combustion research. The prize is awarded by the British Section of The Combustion Institute for the published paper with at least one British Section member as author, which makes the most significant contribution to combustion research. The prize is named after Sir Morris Sugden.

The aims of the award are threefold:[1] a) to recognise good work in combustion b) to encourage membership of the Combustion Institute c) to encourage combustion research and publication, especially by British institutions.

Sugden Award recipients [2][edit]

  • 2016. X. Huang, F. Restuccia, M. Gramola, G. Rein, Experimental Study of the Formation and Collapse of an Overhang in the Surface Spread of Smouldering Peat Fires, Combustion and Flame 168, pp. 393–402, (2016).
  • 2015. P. G. Aleiferis and M. K. Behringer “Flame front analysis of ethanol, butanol, iso-octane and gasoline in a spark-ignition engine using laser tomography and integral length scale measurements” Combustion and Flame, vol. 162, pages 4533–4552, (2015).
  • 2014. B. Williams, M. Edwards, R. Stone, J. Williams and P. Ewart “High precision in-cylinder gas thermometry using laser induced gratings: Quantitative measurement of evaporative cooling with gasoline/alcohol blends in a GDI optical engine” Combustion and Flame, Vol. 161, pages 270-279, (2014).
  • 2013. R.S.M. Chrystie, I.S. Burns, C.F. Kaminski "Temperature response of an acoustically-forced turbulent lean premixed flame: A quantitative experimental determination", Combustion Science and Technology, vol. 185, pp. 180-199, (2013).
  • 2012. G. Dixon-Lewis, P. Marshall, B. Ruscic, A. Burcat, E. Goos, A. Cuoci, A. Frassoldati, T. Faravelli, P. Glarborg "Inhibition of hydrogen oxidation by HBr and Br2" Combustion and Flame, vol. 159 (2012) pp. 528-540.
  • 2011. N. Swaminathan, G. Xu, A. Dowling and R. Balachandran "Heat release rate correlation and combustion noise in premixed flames" Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2011), vol. 681, pp. 80-115.
  • 2010. B. Williams, P. Ewart, X. Wang, R. Stone, H. Ma, H. Walmsley, R. Cracknell, R. Stevens, D. Richardson, H. Fu and S. Wallace "Quantitative planar laser-induced fluorescence imaging of multi-component fuel/air mixing in a firing gasoline-direct-injection engine: Effects of residual exhaust gas on quantitative PLIF" Combustion and Flame v. 157 (2010) pp. 1866-1878.
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