Sukeban Deka The Movie

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Sukeban Deka The Movie
Theatrical poster
Directed by Hideo Tanaka
Starring Yoko Minamino
Yui Asaka
Masato Ibu
Keizo Kanie
Distributed by Toei
Magnolia Home Entertainment
Release date
  • February 14, 1987 (1987-02-14)
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Sukeban Deka The Movie (スケバン刑事) is a live action Japanese film that was released in 1987. The movie closely follows a TV and manga series Sukeban Deka written and illustrated by Shinji Wada. It stars Yoko Minamino and Yui Asaka, who were also in the TV series. The movie was followed by Sukeban Deka II in 1988.


After the events of the Sukeban Deka II TV series, the now 18 years old Yoko Godai (Yoko Minamino) has abandoned her special agent Saki Asamiya name to return to her normal life and is studying for college entrance exams. However, she accidentally bumps into a young man named Kazuo Hagiwara (Shinobu Sakagami) escaping from a group of hitmen, and learns that he comes from Sankou Gakuen, a private school located in a remote island known as Hell's Castle. The school is ruled by a former revolutionary leader thought to be dead named Hattori (Masato Ibu) who is trying to brainwash students into terrorists to help him stage a fascist coup d'etat in Japan. They are then attacked and captured in a bus driven by Sankou Gakuen henchmen, who proceed to submit Saki to electric torture, but they manage to escape.

Now knowing they are in danger, Saki enlists the help of her long time friend Kyoko "Marble Okyo" Nakamura (Haruko Sagara) and Megumi Kato (Ayako Kobayashi), the sister of a friend of Kazuo who is still on the island. They are also joined by Yoko's own successor as Saki Asamiya, the plucky Yui Kazama (Yui Asaka) from Sukeban Deka III. However, before they can do a move, they are attacked by a helicopter sent by Hattori, and Kazuo dies shielding Saki before she destroys it with her old yo-yo. After reuniting with Yoko's other friend Yukino Yajima (Akie Yoshizawa), the group plans a raid in Sankou Gakuen to take down Hattori. They meet with Yoko's former caretaker Nishizawa (Keizo Kanie), who gives her an improved version of her weapon, a quadruple weighted yo-yo with 16 times the power of her previous weapon but also the risk to inflict irreparable damage in her own arm.

The team successfully infiltrates the island through its shore, but they are captured when Megumi betrays them in return for the chance to see her brother Kikuo again. The girls are introduced to the evil headmaster Hattori, who is revealed to be a cyborg when he defeats Saki in a duel with his in-built weapons. However, Megumi changes sides again upon discovering that her brother has been lobotomized and helps them to escape. The team fights their way through Hattori's army and specially his elite juvenile fighters, and Megumi sacrifices her life to save Saki from an attack, making up for her betrayal. While the team prepares to blow up the island, Asamiya and Hattori fight again, but this time the Sukeban Deka defeats him with her new yo-yo and kills him with electricity, almost crushing her own arm in the process. The students are freed and Sankou Gakuen is destroyed for good.


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