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Suki Chan
Suki Chan.jpg
Suki Chan filming Still Point in 2011
Known forVideo art
Installation Art
New Media Art
Notable work
Lucida (2016), Still Point (2012), Sleep Walk Sleep Talk (2010), Interval II (2008)

Suki Chan (born 1977 in Hong Kong) is an artist and filmmaker whose work uses light, moving image and sound to explore our physical and psychological experience of time and place.[1] [2] [3] [4] She is drawn to light as a physical phenomenon, and the role it plays in our constantly shifting daily experience of our environment, be it urban or rural.[5] Chan’s pieces vary from photography, film installation to mixed-media sculptures.[6] [7]

Chan is based in London and is represented by Tintype Gallery.[8] She is also a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art.


1996: Foundation in Art and Design- Winchester School of Art

1999: BA Fine Art- Goldsmiths

2008: MA Fine Art Chelsea


Chan has been commissioned by various organisations to produce work for both galleries and public spaces; including Film and Video Umbrella,[9] Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art,[10] The Young Foundation, Art on the Underground [11] and Aspex Gallery.[2][12] Her notable works include:

  • Lucida (2016)[13][14]
  • Obscura (2014)
  • Still Point (2012)[15]
  • A Hundred Seas Rising (2012)[12]
  • Book Shelf series (2012–present)
  • Istanbul (2011)
  • Sleep Walk Sleep Talk (2010)[16]
  • A Place on Earth (2008)
  • Interval II (2008)[17]
  • Tomorrow is our permanent address (2008)
  • Interval (2006)
  • Imagine: Space Above Out Heads (2006)[18]


Chan’s work is included in public and private collections around the world, including the Museum of London,[19] University of Salford Arts Collection,[20] University of the Arts Art Collection, David Roberts Art Foundation, The Ingram Collection [21] and The Celebrity Art Collection on The Solstice cruise ship.


In 2008, she was nominated for the Northern Art Prize[22][23] and in 2010, she was shortlisted for the Renaissance Art Prize.[24] In 2009, Chan was one of the 6 young British artists featured in the BBC’s series School of Saatchi.[25][26] On the show, Chan elicited rare praise from artist Tracey Emin who said that her work was better than some established artists. "The film's flipping brilliant," she said. "There's a few artists' names come to mind when I saw it but this knocks spots off them."[27] Chan’s work also received a positive review in The Guardian newspaper from the art critic Robert Clark who wrote “Suki Chan’s art makes us wonder in more ways than one. It enables us to treasure the wonder of the world through daring to suggest the dreadful cost of the loss of such wonderful phenomena.”[26][28]

In 2016, Chan received a Wellcome Trust Small Arts Award and a grant from the Arts Council of England to develop Lucida, a multi-screen interactive video installation that exposes the complex relationship between the human eye, the brain and vision. The piece was developed in dialogue with scientists including Colin Blakemore, Richard Wingate, J. Kevin O'Regan and Iain McGilchrist.[29]


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