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Sulamita Aronovsky, born in Lithuania in 1929, is a classical pianist and piano teacher who spent her formative years in Russia, moving to London in 1971.

Her teachers include Lev Barenboim, Abram Schatzkes, Grigory Ginsburg and Alexander Goldenweiser. An experienced Juror of International Competitions, she founded the London International Piano Competition in 1991.[1] She is now Professor of Piano at the Royal Academy of Music and currently resides in London.[2] Her students include Peter Lawson, David Fanning, Julia Goldstein, Vovka Ashkenazy, Melani Mestre, Michael Bell, John Thwaites, Pamela Chowhan, Ian Flint, Amir Katz, Andrew Wilde, Ian Fountain, Junko Urayama, Nils Franke, Howard Evans, Gareth Jones, Nicolas Hodges, Beate Perrey, Jonathan Powell,[3] Nicholas Angelich, Raul Jimenez, Toby Purser, Nicolette Wong, Panos Karan, Stefan Ćirić and Riyad Nicolas among others.


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